Private Sale Strategies Designed to Put More Money in Your Pocket.

It’s hard to argue with public opinion:

Success where typical agents failed:

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That’s why you should sell your house privately

We’ll show you why a private sale could be the best way to sell your home. This is a proven private sale system. We save you time, money and headaches with specific strategies tailored to help you get your house sold.

Discover why selling your house privately is – by far – the best way to sell your own home To sell with OR without a real-estate agent? Its a $15,000 question!

Selling your house privately is not a new way to sell your own home. In fact there’s a myriad of different strategies and tactics that you can use to gain the upper hand when selling a property. For Sale by Owners can now access over 40 minutes of free coaching available at – Nic and Lloyd have written and produced a video series that covers everything you need to know before you sell your own home.

Selling with or without  real estate agent is risky. One mistake and you could literally wipe (tens of !) thousand off your selling price. And selling a house is one of the most stressful experience in your life. Even when things go well… Selling a home is stressful.

It can be easy… Selling a house privately is not difficult. But real estate agents want you to believe otherwise. For years we have been told we need agents. But, this is not true. In most cases, we don’t need them. That’s why private sales are starting to gather momentum.

And as more (public) auctions fail, home sellers are seeking a more careful approach.

A High Price

Not only can you save thousands in commission, there is another huge advantage of selling without using a typical agent – a higher selling price. Real estate sales methods such as auctions and print advertising break the bank. Agents charge clients thousands even when they don’t sell a home (one lady we spoke with recently paid over $9,000 in advertising and didn’t sell her home, another fellow in Hawthorn paid $20,000 and got the inside of a doughnut)

A Better Way

Many home sellers are searching for a smarter, stealthier, selling approach.

The Issue Of Trust - Nine out of ten consumers do not trust real estate agents. And yet almost everyone will hire a real estate agent to sell a home. Our greatest asset handed to people we don’t trust. It doesn’t make sense!

Pick the right one - Home owners will endure one of the worst experiences of their lives when they choose an unskilled agent. And if, when their homes are sold – usually for less than they expected – these owners are forced to pay thousand of dollars. The commission on the average home sale is now around $15,000. It doesn’t have to be this way.

YOU can do a better job! Watch tis video and see WHY you should consider selling your own home:

Have you have ever met an agent and thought you could do a better job yourself? You’re right! Because there’s not much that a typical agent does that you could not do yourself. Think about it. What do most real estate agents do?

First, they place ads in the papers (usually you have to fork the bill). Well, you could do that yourself, placing an ad is not hard. Second, the agent sits at your home and waits for buyers to show up. You can do that too. You can do a better job because you know your property better than the agent. That’s why you could be the best person to sell your own home.

Most agents can’t answer the most basic questions about the properties they are supposed to be selling. So before you call a real estate agent… call 1300 HELPER … We think you’ll really like what we have to say.